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Whales Watching in Patagonia

Whales Watching in Patagonia

Being able to see a halo of foam in the distance is close to glory. It is the indication that all tourists expect: that what seems, can be. Visitors are excited to be able to find a copy, or several, of the right whale that can be seen in different ways in Chubut, Argentina. And they do it specifically in the surroundings of Puerto Madryn, in Puerto Pirámides and in the rest of the area known as the Valdés Peninsula.

July 1, 2020

It happens that the region, in the heart of Argentine Patagonia, is considered one of the most important whale watching destinations in the world and was classified by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site.

From a boat or if tourists dare to trek along huge beaches, accompanied by guides, specimens of the right whale can be seen a few meters away, a unique spectacle that each year attracts thousands of people from Argentina and the world.

The thing is that the right whale is a very meek animal that does not get scared out of the boats but tends to get closer or stay calm in its place. On the other hand, there are a huge number of whales here: the count three weeks ago gave some 1049 throughout the peninsula, details the seasoned guide Leoni Gaffet, member of Argentina Vision, who has worked in the area for more than two decades.

The sighting shipped here gives you a proximity for photographs and for contemplation which is really something extraordinary. Due to the characteristics of the local winds, navigation tends to be calm because you leave Puerto Pirámides to visit the so-called Golfo Nuevo.

In other parts of the world, sighting is usually done in the open sea and, therefore, navigation can be a little harder or less smooth. Also, here you do not sail long to see the whales. minutes, five or ten and one is already next to one or several. In other places, perhaps you sail for more than an hour to be able to see something, if you can see it, the guides explain.

They are waiting for you.

You should be the next one!


Editing: Victoria Fallotico.


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