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Half Day Break

Half Day Break

Sometimes, touring a different city and drinking a good beer in front of the "dancing waters" is the best way to take a break from hunting.

September 14, 2019

Today we spent a beautiful afternoon with Scot and Troy. They learned about the city of Córdoba walking through its streets from Plaza San Martin, passing through the Jesuit Block and ending at the Good Shepherd and the Capuchin Church. The latter was the one they liked best because of its architectural beauty.

The architect who was responsible for the design of the church was Augusto Ferrari who did his job in a neo-Gothic style learned in Europe. On the right side, you can see, the truncated tower that represents the matter that dies; on the other side the other 70 meter tower represents the soul that ascends.

In 1911 the first Capuchin missionaries arrived in the city of Córdoba, which were distinguished by the use of hoods or capes. At first, they lived in small houses and attended the parish of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

In 1926 the construction of the Capuchin Church began - belonging to the Franciscan Order and chosen as the First Artificial Wonder of the City - and was completed in 1934.

The original name of the Capuchin Church is "The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus." This name is because they built it with their Gothic needle piercing the sky. The name refers to the devotion of the physical heart of Jesus, which is a symbol of divine love. Devotion to the Sacred Heart has its roots in a mystical current that focuses on Jesus and his death on the cross and shows his heart as a vital center, symbol of his great love for humanity.

After a day of learning, we passed through the city of Jesús María, took a delicious ice cream and played pool for a while. Is there a better way to end a day than laugh and have fun?


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