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Family, friends and a lot of good times

Family, friends and a lot of good times

After having spent a day at the field admiring the natural resources of Argentina, this big group of eleven visitors decided to explore the city of Cordoba and the wineries of Jesus Maria town.

August 31, 2019

Most of them spoke Spanish so, as soon as we got to San Martin Square, they started walking around and exploring by themselves. However we quickly gathered and visited The Cathedral. It was commented on how special it was to visit it and staying a while praying, thanking or appreciating its beauty  from top to bottom. 

Next to La Catedral, it’s located the Cabildo (colonial town hall) which was the government meeting place began in 1588 and then a police station. Today, it functions as a cultural center showing pieces of art by artists from Cordoba. We also walked by the priests’ residences (now functioning as the Museum of Memory). 

Cordoba underground. In addition to a large amount of buildings with architectural and patrimonial value, the city possesses underground constructions like vaults, basements and passageways built more than 400 years ago. A tunnel used by the Jesuits to go from La Catedral to the residences was visited. In the same area it’s a leather store where they bought boots, bags, hats and  jackets made of capybara pig. 

Argentinian culinary art. For lunch we all enjoyed steak and ribs from Alcorta, one of the best parrillas, where together with good meat, one can have fine wines. There was not much time. We took some pictures at the Cañada canal and headed to the Jesus Maria. 

Virginia at Terra Camiare did a great job explaining in detail the process from the vineyard to the bottle. With Berenice the group visited La Caroyense winery and bought some wine, champagne and even body lotions made of grapes.  

It has been a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting Argentina. 

Tour guide Berenice Silberbeib 


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