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Finding joy in the simple things

Finding joy in the simple things

Argentinians have found pleasure in cooking and enjoying meals with family and friends. We delight ourselves with exquisite homemade preparations but we also enjoy going out, watching people and being served the chef’s specialities.

June 6, 2019

When choosing the place, the options are many.  This time LaCapke was of our preference since it reminded Jeb and me of Cafe Du Monde from New Orleans.


We had fun talking about how interesting folks can be. There were at least 10 visitors waiting for a table in the most bustling place when having many other options.


It has been a great day.  We visited La Catedral, Los Capuchinos church, Buen Pastor cultural centre, Patio Olmos Shopping mall and Guemes neighborhood where we had dinner and finished our tour. 


Patio Olmos is currently a commercial gallery in the important Argentine city of Córdoba, it is one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the city.


An earthquake occurred in the province of San Juan in 1977 that caused structural damage to the school building and this led to its closure.


In 1992, a lease of 35 years was hired for a monthly symbolic rent in exchange for his development of the old school in a gallery of luxury stores that was inaugurated in May 1995 as Patio Olmos Shopping Center.


Currently Shopping Patio Olmos is still the most important shopping center in Córdoba


Thanks Jeb for visiting our country, 


Travel with Pointer 


Written by Berenice Silberbeib 


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