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La Cañada Canal

La Cañada Canal

On this opportunity Heath and Jon had the chance to visit the most popular attractions in the city and have good meat and delicious wine in Alcorta restaurant. The restaurant is located next to a canal called La Cañada.

July 15, 2019

When Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera founded Córdoba in 1573 along the Suquia River, La Cañada stream was a trickle of water flowing across the town. However, the other face of the stream was seen years later. With the summer rains, La Cañada became a furious and powerful river which was able to flood and destroy everything in its path.

In 1671 governor Angel de Peredo ordered to build the Calicanto, a strong wall made of lime and stone. The wall was the solution for three hundred years until one night of 1890 when a violent overflow caused the death of two hundred people.

During another flood in 1939 that caused two deaths, La Cañada overflowed and got to San Martin Square carrying cars, buses, furniture and people. In 1943 La Cañada Canal was ordered to be built and one year later with the work of Croatians who were experts with stones, Italian immigrants together with natives the canal was inaugurated.

Since then, La Cañada became an icon of the city of Cordoba. 

It has been a warm day learning about culture, history and family. 

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Written by  Berenice Silberbeib




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