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Ferreyra Palace; its beauty and history

Ferreyra Palace; its beauty and history

The big process of transformation and progress achieved in Argentina between XIX and beginning of XX was not only seen in the architectural and urban city of Buenos Aires but also in many other cities of the country.

June 22, 2018

In the city of Cordoba, one of the most beautiful palaces was built and named Ferreyra Palace in honor of Dr Martín Ferreyra. This monumental building of classicist French style from the XVII and XVIII centuries is today home to the new Museo Superior de Bellas Artes where one of the most relevant art collections of the country is presented. 

Ferreyra Palace is located in Nueva Cordoba neighbourhood; it was the work of the French architect Ernest-Paul Sanson, who received the task of creating a house for the Ferreyra family inspired in the design of hôtel Kessler from París. Ernest-Paul Sanson and Maurice Sanson, his son, had built residences in France, and in other countries of Europe and their prestige extended to the United States. 

The park surrounding the house was work of the landscape architect Carlos Thays who had previously designed Sarmiento Park located in front of the Palace. The French architect landed in Argentina for the first time to design the above-mentioned park; however, he was then in charge of designing hundreds of others parks in the country. Reason why he has become very popular in the region. 

Pamela and Judith were really into history which is why we decided to visit Ferreyra Palace. The museum did not only surprised them for the beauty of the pieces of art spread there but also for the architecture and the maintenance of the building. 

La Caroyense winery, the Jesuit Blocks, the Catedral, The Capuchinos church, the ex-women's jail were some of the attractions that we also visited during this beautiful day. 


Thanks to Pamela and Judith for joining us in this fun day. 


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