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Terra Camiare: Land Of Natives

Terra Camiare: Land Of Natives

This winery holds a very patiular story. Do you want to know about it?

May 19, 2019

Today Cory asked me to tour on May 19th. We offered him and his group to go to La Caroyense and Terra Camiare wineries and they accepted.


First we went to Terra Camiare. Everyone was surprised and told me that they had not imagined that it would be like that. The production area was impeccable, the vineyards well maintained and neat and Virginia was an excellent tourist guide.


During the tour, everyone looked very interested and asked all sorts of questions. One of them was about corks. The corks used by this winery come from Argentine but they are not always used. Let me explain you why ...


A long time ago, natural cork was used when closing the wine and this has become a tradition. Currently, it has been discovered that when using screw caps, the wine runs less risk of oxidation. Therefore, the Chinese market has started this trend to improve the quality of wine.


The screw caps are usually used only in young, white and pink wines. Therefore, many mistakenly believe that a reserve wine that has a screw top is not a range wine. The tradition in these cases is stronger than the technology although deep down we know that the quality would improve.


When we went to the second winery: La Caroyense, everyone was amazed by the estimated capacity of wine. Currently, it produces 10% of its capacity so that tourists can enter some of the cement tanks and appreciate the much-mentioned epoxy paint.


Each person who comes tells me the same thing: La Caroyense would have the possibility to grow, if someone invested in it to increase their production again.


I look forward to seeing you again!!


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