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Ladies & Stores

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May 16, 2019

Today we had a shopping day with these incredible women.

Every time we do city tours, we usually start talking about the historical places and their architecture. This time we broke structures and decided to do something different.

In the center of Córdoba there are pedestrian streets where, in addition to churches and monasteries, we pass by fairs and shops. One of my favorite stores is Arandú. In this place you find clothing and traditional items such as alpargatas, boinas, mates and polo equipments.

Polo, is an Argentine sport in which two teams with four riders each, mounted on horseback, try to take a small wooden or plastic ball towards the rival's goal. 

Besides the polo, something very traditional that you will find in Argentina is the famous mate.

Mate is a popular drink in most of the countries of South America and originally from Argentina. It is made using leaves and small branches of the yerba mate plant, which are soaked in hot water to make MATE or in cold water or juice to make TERERÉ.

In romantic minds, the word "mate" can evoke a pastoral image of the *GAUCHOS sitting around a bonfire in the plantations of the Pampas, passing the traditional pumpkin between them.

Drinking mate has numerous health benefits, both for the body and for the mind. The Guaraní population has long recognized medicinal properties and has been growing and drinking mate for hundreds of years. This drink is rich in antioxidants, which are related to reducing the risk of many diseases. It is also popular thanks to its high caffeine content, which contributes to increase energy levels and mental alertness.

*GAUCHO: characteristic inhabitant of the plains and adjacent areas of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, southern Chile and southeastern Bolivia.


What a nice and interesting shopping day!!


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