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Tasting After Hunting

Tasting After Hunting

Going to wineries, helps not just to learn about grapes and aromas or flavours. We will internalize in the history of these incredible places.

May 15, 2019

As soon as I arrived, the girls in the cellar recived us with a smile on their faces. As always, the visit begins with the vineyard, then the production area and finally in the tasting room. Before seeing the vineyards, Virginia told us the history of the winery. Terra Camiare means land of the Camiare (natives of Córdoba).


Not long ago, with the arrival of settlers in Argentina, the Jesuits took the natives as slaves illegally. Together they use the land to produce wine, among other products. That is why each of the wines in this winery is related to history. According to the stories of the conquerors, the word "comechingón" is used as the war cry that incited to kill, and was a cause of this characteristic feature that is baptized by the Spaniards as comechingones. They were very effective in the handling of the bow and arrow. They would also use wooden sticks and, occasionally, they would set fire to the refuge of their enemies. For the war leather collars were used and they would paint their faces in red and black.


Customers are surprised by the prolixity and care of the vineyards. They are in excellent condition compared to any vineyard in the area.

When we went to the production area, we began to discuss the difference, in terms of quality, between the stainless steel tanks of China and the those of Argentina. Our tanks are better welded and their conical shape helps the vision of the employees to stamp the wort.


When we went to the tasting, in addition to bottles, there was a BAG IN BOX. It is an excellent container for wine, since it does not allow oxygen to be consumed and wine does not get ruined. After open, it can be stored until 6 months. The customers at first hesitated, but once they tried it they found out.


As always, when you do a tasting, you should start with a white wine, then rosé, red and finally sweet ones. When we got to the dessert wines, many came to the same conclusion: the flavor is different from the aroma in a good way, but it is very difficult to identify the flavor because it is a grape from the area and very different from any other . I'm talking about the FRAMBUA or ISABELLA grape.


If you are interested in knowing a little more about these places, come and visit us, you will have a lot of fun !!


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