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From a Palermo grill to a Jewish food restaurant, what to eat in each one and why they are in the list.

October 27, 2017

To be selected, you do not have to know any secret formula but to be chosen by a large part of the 252 voters in the region, who selected 10 restaurants each. Among the voters were chefs, travelers, and journalists …

That’s how 9 Argentinian restaurants made it to the list of the 50 Best, which chooses the best of Latin America.

Some are already classics in the selection which has been made for five years in a row, for example, Tegui by Germán Martitegui, which has been ranked 10th again, Don Julio steakhouse, which is in place 13 and El Baqueano, which stayed with 19.

There are new faces like the risky Proper (49) and the temple of the Jewish cuisine Mishiguene (50). The Argentinian restaurants that made it to the list are:

#10 Tegui: Martitegui does not want to be known only for its sophisticated dishes, this restaurant cares to offer the best products of the country, those which have been on earth for centuries and most of them were never tried. The restaurant owner looks for these ingredients all over Argentina and takes them to the dishes with a talent that only a few cooks have. From the yerba mate they put in bread to the cayote in the desserts, it is an unforgettable experience that has its price.

#13 Don Julio: On the corner of Guatemala and Gurruchaga streets, there are always people waiting for a table. This is because the service and the treatment that is given to the meat cannot be found in many other places of the city. It is true that there are many tourists, but it is also the grill chosen by local chefs so it cannot fail.

#18 El Baqueano: In a dark room in San Telmo where only the plates are illuminated, Fernando Rivarola serves a multiple course menu in which only “unusual” meat types are featured. Llama, yacaré, perdiz and even ostrich combined with other local products that bring color and variety to the dish.

#26 Chila: The only representative of Puerto Madero neighbourhood is one of the most celebrated of  last year. It is the first time that the “new” chef Pedro Bargero goes up to receive the prize for the multiple course menu that celebrates a variety of local ingredients.

#37 Elena: The Four Seasons hotel restaurant takes the raw material so seriously that it even has a club for carnivores, where they can see their own steaks being matured as if they were their children. The multifaceted lounge has a spectacular Sunday brunch and stands out for its cold meats and dishes inspired by the Argentine tradition.

#44 Aramburu: The pioneer of multiple course meals, which is about to change its location and leave Constitucion neighbourhood, remains firmly on the list with its molecular proposal. Foams, edible stones, and perfect meats.

#48 Crizia: There is no better place to eat oysters in Buenos Aires than the house of Gabriel Oggero. An intimate restaurant in Palermo, whose cooks travel the continent to find the best ingredients. From the Atlantic prawns to the Patagonian lamb through the Bolivian herbs, this place is a must.

#49 Proper: In what it was a typical car workshop in the area, today one of the best young restaurants of the city is  being cooked on the coals. The plan is to go and share the thousands of mini plates with freshly cooked meals, which range from butter with sea salt and anchovies to flan, our most typical pudding.

#50 Mishiguene: Tomás Kalika makes typical food from immigrants. His family is Jewish, so the banquet has a lot of spices from the Middle East and recipes from his grandmother. Those who know this kitchen feel at home and those who do not, fall in love. On Fridays night, Shabbat is celebrated in the most authentic way, with music and food until late.

Source: La Nacion, Argentinian Newspaper. –


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