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History, culture and wine

History, culture and wine

Argentina is one of the most colourful countries that compose the vast Latin American palette. Not only is this nation recognized for its exquisite dishes but for its great cultural diversity. So, when it comes to traveling, this magnificent destination is the master key to explore different cultures and, ultimately, enrich your soul.

August 26, 2019

On this opportunity, Kimberly had the chance to visit Cordoba’s city popular landmarks and learn about its/their history. The places that she visited are The Ex-women’s jail, The Jesuits’ blocks, Ferreyra Palace, The Museum of Memory, The Cañada Canal, The Colonial Town Hall and Saint Martin’s Square; however, the historical attractions she liked the most were The Capuchinos Church and The Cathedral. She asked the tour guide to delve into the history of both places, including the architectural designs, date of construction and purpose of the locations.


After a long invigorating morning, she had a lovely meal at Alcorta restaurant, one of the finest places in the city. This was the perfect occasion to dig deeper into Argentina’s culinary culture. Throughout the years, the country has been characterized by having a strong European influence. Yet, it preserves traditional dishes such as locro, empanadas, asado, puchero, humita, among others. Subsequent to having lunch, she tasted a chocolate nougat from Bonafide, a national cafe that has been opened since 1917.


It was time to head to Colonia Caroya and Jesus María to taste some wine. During the afternoon, Kimberly and her husband visited two distinctive wineries: La Caroyense and Terra Camiare. They learned about the wine process and they got to taste different varieties. What a better way of ending your day than drinking a glass of fine Argentinian wine!


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