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Enjoying the Ride

Enjoying the Ride

It was a beautiful sunday in Jesus Maria city. We picked the group up at the lodge around 10.45 am and went straight to Bodega La Caroyense.

January 13, 2019

It was a really nice tour. It started on the main hall and continued up to where they have all the machines and equipment. One of my favourite parts about this winery is that they still do everything the old school way.

The gentlemen that work for this company, harvest the grapes one by one, selecting the best ones, then bring it to these big pools where they separate the actual fruit from the bunch. 

It’s a very unique process, done by man, not only machines. They like maintaining the Italian culture as well, so the traditions are very strong on this area, and wine is a big deal.

After the tour around the winery, came the tasting. They gave us sparkling beverages, fruit juice without alcohol, Cabernets, Malbecs, Blends. Each and everyone of them was completely delicious. 

It was time to leave the winery. We started our way to Cordoba city. On the road, the guide told us stories about Colonia Caroya, one of the biggest Italian communities in Cordoba Province. He really knew a lot about the city, it was really interesting to compare how people in the US live with people here, and to get to know places we mostly take for granted.

Heading to Cordoba, we entered the city first passing through Kempes stadium, then the amazing sculpture of the Mujer Urbana, that represents the family bond ( there are different sculptures like that one around the city, there’s de Father and the kids too), then we drove through a very nice neighbourhood called Cerro de las Rosas, a very colorful and pretty part of the city. Throughout the way, the guide kept telling us interesting facts about Cordoba and its history, which make the ride ten times easier and smoother. 

Then we past through Patio Olmos shopping centre. That building used to be a school, so it’s very amazing on the inside, and pretty odd for a mall! After that we got to Sarmiento Park. This vast green space is ideal to get away from the scorching hot temperatures of the summer and enjoy various outdoor sport activities. It may be visited either on foot or by car.

Due to its design, its proximity to the commercial center of the City of Córdoba and the number of activities available in its vast gardens, both locals and visitors consider Sarmiento Park as one of the most popular outings.

Created by French landscape artist and architect Carlos Thays, Sarmiento Park features a typical Belle Époque design in which the rosebush promenades, water fountains and artificial lake with an important bridge and Greek amphitheater stand out.

Now it was lunchtime. We decided to take the ladies to a great restaurant in front of San Martin square, the heart of the city. They were very excited to try some Classic Empanadas! 

We dropped them off at this restaurant and after lunch we picked them up to continue with the tour. In front of the restaurant there was the Main Cathedral. It is the central church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Córdoba, Argentina, and the oldest church in continuous service in Argentina. Unfortunately it was closed, but we got to take pictures on the outside and enjoy some stories that the guide had for us.

Last but not least, we went to the flea market. The bad thing about that day was that there was a little drizzle, and the flea market is on a very nice street in Guemes neighborhood. We were able to take a look around by car, but we could not go to every shop to see the hand crafts everyone had to offer.


Great day with great people.

I hope to see you again soon!

Emiliano Chanquia

Edited by Victoria Fallótico



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