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Tour in Jesus Maria and Cordoba H Hancock

Tour in Jesus Maria and Cordoba H Hancock

It was Monday morning, but non of us was on the way to the office or had to do papers. Our week started with a winery guide. Wouldn´t you like starting the week like this?

November 12, 2018

Even though La Caroyanse winery was the first destination, we stopped at the Platanos treed avenue to take a few pictures. When we were on our way to the winery, we saw an abandoned big house that called our attention so we stopped. It was the chalet of Andres Fogliarini who without knowing how to read and write, became the Mayor of Colonia Caroya and one of the richest men in town. The chalet was then sold and the new owner planned to build a residential neighbourhood; however, the government declared it  and urban reservation and prohibited any construction in the land. See the amazing pictures of the place.

La Caroyense winery was a business started by 30 Italian men whose wives run a sport club in the opposite street. We arrived at 10:30am and waited a few minutes until a big group of tourist finished their tour. Maxi, the tour guide of the winery, taught us about the history of this legendary and old place. At the end of the tour, the grape juice was tasted by the ladies that didn't drink alcohol.

Later, we visited the mall in Jesus Maria town and the ladies´ favourite store was Amar, a leather store where tourists can find knives, mates and leather wallets, bags, and shoes. It was lunch time and we all decided to have pizza. They were really good in fact.

At 2pm, the drivers were ready to take us to Terra Camiare winery in Colonia Caroya town. The host this time was a young lady whose English impressed us. Magui showed us the vineyard, and explained the wine process from the beginning. She made  the tour very enjoyable.

The good thing about private tours is that clients decide what to do and when. The ladies  decided to go to the mall one more time. This time, they were looking for mate cups. Mate is our favourite drink in Argentina because it brings friends together.

Travel with Pointer is glad to have spent a good time with the Hancock family.


We look forward to seeing you again.     


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