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A day in Jesus Maria and Cordoba!

A day in Jesus Maria and Cordoba!

Bill Ellison and his friends came to Argentina to hunt doves and know touristic places from Cordoba.

September 27, 2018

As soon as they arrived to Pajas Blancas Airport in cordoba, I waited for them with two drivers to tour them for the first time. It was lunchtime and we were all hungry. We had lunch in Jesus Maria town where the biggest rodeo of Argentina takes place. It is not a surprise that meat in our country is awesome so a steak restaurant was the best option. La Parrilla de Pipi is a rural and local restaurant where tourists stop to try different pieces of meat. We even tried the traditional blood sausage.

Having had a generous meal, we were ready for the winery tour. Virginia, local tour guide, was waiting for us to show Terra Cambiare vineyard and winery. From the door, one could smell the grapes and the particular aroma of wine. Nine hectares of 3 types of grapes are planted on the back of the winery, however, the production is made with that harvest and grapes from local farms. La Caroyense winery, which we visited then, was built by a group of thirty Italian immigrants whose wives run a sport club located in front of the winery. Tasting the wines was the best part. Bill was named the wine expert so he taught us how to do it properly.

On the following days the group hunted and had a great time and on their last day we toured the city. We started from the lodge at 9:30 am and headed to the city where we visited the Jesuits block, San Martin square, the Cathedral, the Cabildo, and stores where the group bought souvenirs.   

It was a warm day and we decided to have a beer in front of the Cappuchinos church. The atmosphere was nice because it was sunday and people walked relaxed. What made our day special was a parade of “gauchos and chinas” listening to folk music and dancing around the Buen Pastor cultural center. Our next stop was the Ferreyra Palace, Art Gallery where we learnt more about the dark history of Argentina in 1977. Our tour was longer than usually because we went to the flea market and to a bar from which the tourist could enjoy the view of Guemes neighbourhood.

It was a great pleasure to having met you guys,


Hope to see you soon,


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