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Argentinian wine

Argentinian wine

Being a tour guide, one gets to know people from different parts of the world, which enriches the soul. When I met Kassie and Randa on a Friday morning, I quickly understood what the previous hostesses that spend time with them meant when they said the girls were fun.

September 18, 2013

No sooner I met Randa and Kassie, we started talking as if we knew for ages. We had arranged to visit two wineries and the city of Cordoba; however, during the first winery tour, we talked so much that we didn't have time to go to the second one.  


Our first stop was at Terra Camiare Winery, a lovely place where we learned about the production as well as how good those wines taste. Virginia, our guide at the winery, made sure every detail from the moment they harvest the grapes till the wine is poured at the table was clear. She was a sweet young lady who spoke good English, she showed us the ovoid containers where the production is kept for three, six or twelve months. She also commented that apart from the ovoid containers made of cement, they age the wine in French and American oak barrels.


We knew that the city of Cordoba was going to be our next destination; what we didn't know was how much fun it was going to be. The restaurant visited this time was Faustino, a nice and sophisticated place in Buen Pastor, a Cultural Center which used to be a women's jail. When talking about culture, the first things that come to our mind are food and drinks. I recommend them having and Argentinian “lomito” that is a meat sandwich. So Kassie had the lomito; she liked it a lot. I also ordered two “fernet” with coke for them. Enjoy the picture below in which you can see Kassie´s face when trying fernet! I will never forget her face!  We were then ready to continue our trip. Buen Pastor, Cultural Center is opposite the Cappuccinos church so we went out of the restaurant to see this immense and magnificent church.


Walking Cordoba downtown is very nice since it is a place full of young people living in Nueva Cordoba neighborhood and studying in the University of Cordoba. In the city, you see students from different parts of the country who move to our province to assist to the public university. In Argentina, if you want to study to become a doctor, lawyer or an engineer you can study for free. Argentina has also, public and free access to health center and hospitals.


Our next stop was the San Martin Square where we visited the Cathedral, the “Cabildo”, now a cultural center. It is commonly known that women like shopping so we went to El Turistologo to buy souvenirs and to Arandu store to buy leather articles. Argentinian leather is famous for its quality and everyone who comes should have the chance to see it at least. In Arandu, there is not only cow leather but also “Carpincho” or capybara leather which is a fine skin. Kassie fall in love with a bag made of capybara leather and she bought it. Randa liked some cow leather shoes which were super comfortable. I told them that they bought stuff that will last forever.


Before going back to the lodge, I suggested stopping in a traditional market where we bought almost a kilo of chimichurri spices. Kassie and Randa were really excited about going home and trying it.


I am sure they'll have great asados!  


Berenice Silberbeib 

Guide and interpreter 

Travel with Pointer 


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