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Where's your sense of adventure?

Where's your sense of adventure?

ATV Guided adventure!

July 4, 2018

In the breathtaking surrounds of the Sierras and into the wilderness: come and ride with us!


 Let us take you for the ride of your life, through native bush, ancient hillds and beautiful lands.

This ride takes place in the mountains of Cordoba and it is a one day adventure. The tour starts in the morning from the moment you are picked up from the lodge and continues until the afternoon. We'll be riding through the river so be ready to get a little muddy!

Drive and live the adventure

If you eager to go to a new place and do exciting activities, this is the moment to let us organize your day.

Visit La Falta village:  If it is not enough, riders will have lunch where the sightseeings invite us to sit and admire the rugged beauty. 

Wrap your activity with a taste of Argentina : What's more, riders will have lunch at a small-town restaurant that puts the village on a map. "Que Parece" is a traditional restaurant in front of the main square.


How will this day go?

8 am The trip starts at around 8 am, from the lodge, you'll drive about 2 hours to La Falda admiring the scenery. 

10 am Upon arrival, at about 10 am you'll start the adventure and drive along the mountain roads from La Falda passing La Cumbre. There are a few streams crossings until getting to Capilla del Monte where you'll cross a mountain to be surprised by the beauty of San Marcos Sierras.

Around 1 pm the riders will have lunch at a comfy, small and local restaurant.

Again in the road, at around 2.30pm,  a river will be crossed to get to the Cruz Lake. There, mountain road will be taken again and the rivers Quilpo and Pintos will be crossed.

You'll get to Cuchi Corral at around 4 pm, an emblematic site for paragliding,

You'll arrive at the platform where you started around 6 pm and return to the lodge afterward to enjoy cocktails and a nice dinner!


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