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An Argentinian soccer match and city tour

An Argentinian soccer match and city tour

In Argentina passion for soccer, our "football", is felt in the air

June 20, 2018

The tour with Amy and Ben started in a particular way. The couple was on their way from the lodge to Cordoba city while Argentina was playing a world cup soccer match against Island. I called and gave them the option of starting the tour or watching the last 20 minutes of the game in the Argentinian way. They were not sure what to do but they agreed on watching the match. We went to a bar where an enthusiastic crowd of people were cheering for Argentina, of course. Remember that our culture takes soccer as a very important issue.

After lunch, Ben confessed to me that he didn’t know if to watch the match and where we were going but he thought that it may be an interesting experience and at the same time he didn’t want me to miss the last minutes of it. At the end they ended up admitting that they had a lot of fun watching the fans and how excited they got when Messi almost scored a goal.

We went from the bar to the Cappuchinos church. What a contrast right? Haha. Amy and Ben liked visiting it a lot since they told me they were deeply religious people. Amy sat and prayed while Ben admired the rest of the building. We also walked the Buen Pastor cultural center and ex-women’s prison.

It was coffee time. Even though they wanted to meet with the Argentinian culture, we all felt tempted by having a Starbucks coffee and the chilly weather helped it. From the café window, we had a great look of the crowded city.

Amy mentioned that was keen on art and that Ben wanted to get rid some of Amy’s paintings to have more room in the house. Immediately, I suggested visiting the Ferreyra Palace, art gallery. They loved it.  

It was now time to continue our journey and the three of us were ready to have a bite. The couple chose Alcorta restaurant since they wanted to eat Argentinian dishes. They liked the English menu because they could easily choose what they wanted without guessing. We talked about their experience in the country and they were grateful for the service they received from Pointer. The previous day, the travel department took the couple to Totoral town to do a horseback riding.

Their time to leave arrived and the driver was waiting for them to go directly to the airport.

Their faces showed how happy they were.

Thanks, Amy and Ben

Berenice Silberbeib

Host and tour guide
Travel and Leisure Department 
Pointer Outfitters




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