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Amazing Patagonia with Cruise

Amazing Patagonia with Cruise

On South America’s southern frontier, nature grows wild, barren and beautiful. Spaces are large, as are the silences that fill them. For the newly arrived, such emptiness can be as impressive as the sight of Patagonia’s jagged peaks, pristine rivers, and dusty backwater oases. In its enormous scale, Patagonia offers an innumerable wealth of potential experiences and landscapes. We could organize a 10 day travel package for you and your group to get the most of the Patagonia!

January 3, 2018

What is the itinerary of this trip?

  • 2 nights w/ breakfast in Ushuaia (Argentina)
  • 4 nights on a cruise
  • 2 nights w/ breakfast at Puerto Natales (Chile)
  • 2 nights w/ breakfast at El Calafate (Argentina)
  • Transfers in/out
  • Regular Bus Puerto Natales- Calafate
  • Excursion to National Park Tierra del Fuego 
  • Excursion to National Park Torres del Paine w/ lunch in Chile 
  • Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier 


Day 1: Ushuaia

Welcome to the Argentinian Patagonia!

Transfer from the airport to the hotel. 


Day 2: Ushuaia

Excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park located 12 km on the west side of Ushuaia is the entrance to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the only park with a maritime coast in our country (Argentina). It has an area of 63000 hectares where lengas, cherries, ñires, flowers like orchids, violets and senecios coexist. A walk through this National Park, besides offering multiple panoramic views over the Beagle Channel framed by the mountains and the forest, will brings us closer to Nature. We will go trough beaver dams and arrive at Lapataia River, where the ancient inhabitants of the area have left their testimony: the concheros, incredible archaeological sites. Before embarking on the return to Ushuaia, we’ll  stop in front of the Roca Lake, whose color varies according to the weather, with the possibility of having a hot chocolate in the bar.


Day 3: Ushuaia - Cruise.

Check-in (by passengers) between 9 am and 4 pm in 245, San Martín Street, Ushuaia. In the afternoon we’ll take you to the port for embarkation in the Cruise (between 5 pm and 6 pm hours).  The crew, headed by your captain, will welcome you on board. You’ll enjoy a Cocktail with those who will be your travel companions. Immediately after that, the ship will set sail to the End of the World. Through the Beagle Channel, you will visit Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. This is the beginning of a great adventure!


Day 4: Cabo de Hornos - Bahía Wulaia

Navigation through the Beagle Channel and the Murray Channel to arrive at the Cabo de Hornos National Park where we will disembark if the weather conditions allow it. Cape Horn is an almost vertical promontory 425 meters high and is known as the end of the world. Disembark here is not a right, it is a privilege. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in June 2005. In the afternoon, we will disembark at Wulaia Bay, a historic site that was one of the largest settlements of indigenous peoples in the region. This place also offers a visual spectacle of great beauty for its vegetation and geography. We will reach a viewpoint, walking through the Magellanic forest where lengas, coihues and ferns grow, among other species.


Day 5: Gunther Plüschow Glacier

In the afternoon, the Günther Plüschow glacier awaits us with its imposing beauty. The name of this glacier reminds us of the German aviation pioneer Günther Plüschow, who aboard his ship "Feuerland" arrived at Punta Arenas in 1928. Then, we will sail the Seno Chico, where we will disembark in Zodiac boats to appreciate from the sea the majestic Piloto and Nena glaciers.


Day 6: Isla Magdalena - Punta Arenas

Early in the morning, we will disembark on Magdalena Island, home of an immense colony of Magellanic penguins with more than 120 thousand specimens. The latest we will be able to appreciate in our walk to the lighthouse, which guides the different boats in their passage through the Strait of Magellan.

The Penguins of Isla Magdalena emigrate in April. The disembarkation is replaced by Isla Marta, where a sea lion colony is visited. At the end of our visit, we will return to Punta Arenas, where we will disembark at 11:30 am.


Day 7:  Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales

Transfer to Puerto Natales. Reception and transfer to hotel. Acommodation in Puerto Natales.


Day 8:  Puerto Natales

In the morning, we departure to Torres del Paine National Park. The first stop will be at the thousand-year-old Cueva del Milodón, a huge natural accident of incalculable anthropological value where Patagonian primitive man and the Milodón, an extinct herbivorous animal, were inhabited.
Continuing with the trip visitors will appreciate the most spectacular World Biosphere Reserve at the end of the world; the Torres del Paine National Park, which covers an area of 242,242 hectares; it hosts a fertile combination of lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers, hills, and peaks, where it is possible to admire different forms of life in their natural state.
Within the area, the road passes between dozens of lakes covered with herbs and waterfowl, contrasting with small hills where herds of guanacos pasture. During the course of the day you will have the opportunity to enjoy and know the most important points of this beautiful park as they are: the Nordenskjold Lake that bathes with its colorful emerald the bases of the mountain that gives life to the impetuous Great Salto forming the Lake Pehoe of simulated stillness.
You will also have the opportunity to walk along the Pingo River approximately 1 hour along a demarcated path that crosses that river; then you’ll enjoy the sand that demarcates the margins of the lake, appreciating millenary ice stranded on the banks and in the background the imposing Gray Glacier that forms an insurmountable landscape surrounded by hills, forests and part of the Paine mountain range.

The return trip concludes arriving in Puerto Natales around 7:00 p.m. Includes a box lunch.


Day 9:   Puerto Natales - El Calafate

Transfer to the bus terminal. Regular bus from Puerto Natales to El Calafate departures at 7:00 am or 9:00 am. (depending on the day of the week), and the approximate duration of the trip is 5 hours.

Reception at El Calafate bus terminal and transfer to the hotel.


Day 10:  El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier Excursion: Departure at 9 o'clock. 

Los Glaciares National Park: this park has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The glaciers that gave it its name - some 47 in all - show a world of 10,000 years ago: cold and wild. The most famous is the Perito Moreno Glacier, located at the south-west end of Lake Argentino, 80 km away from El Calafate.

The glacier, named after the great Argentine explorer of the last century, is one of the few in the world in advance. This has made it one of the greatest natural spectacles in South America. The show can’t be described with words. After contemplating the Glacier from the footbridges, we return to Calafate around 5:00 p.m.


Day 11:  El Calafate

On this day, we'll get ready to head home. Transfer to airport.  



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